Sunday, 2 May 2010

Energised at Ivy Street

Great campaign meeting in Ivy Street this morning. The mood is good and everyone ready for the final push.

The reaction on the doorsteps and at the school gates has been good and there's no sign of a surge from the Tories or the Liberals. But no-one is complacent either and the energy and determination of the local party is inspiring everyone. The Tories in contrast are clearly rattled - more on that later - while the Libs just seem resigned.

Jack did a terrific soapbox in Blackburn yesterday with some terrific and feisty exchanges. Not pretending that there is never a note of dissent - of course there is - but nor is there any great sense of seething anger with Jack.

He visited David Borrow in Leyland on Friday and a soapbox outside Tesco. One man stole the show. He'd just posted his vote for Labour. The last 13 years had changed his life for the better. And he wasn't a plant.

Jack ended the day by conclusively winning the youth action debate at the Library, while the Tory and Lib argued over whether Skipton could be compared to Blackburn. Bizarre.

He's now doing a debate at the Ummah channel.

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