Tuesday, 20 April 2010

End of a long day

We started the day in Manchester at the Irish Centre doing interviews for the Asian media opposite a block of flats dotted with Labour posters (see pic right) and ended it at Blackburn Cathedral for a Q&A with the Tory and Lib Dem candidates.
In between Jack did a lunchtime Q&A, also at the cathedral, and some canvassing. Good reception on the doorsteps. Really no sign of Clegg-fever and even the certain-not-on-your-nelly non-Labour voters (few and far between) were pleasant with it. Plenty of solid support for Jack and a few undecideds planning to watch the debate on Thursday. And plenty of others who turned off after five minutes.
At the cathedral it was even stevens. Lib Dem candidate Paul English pledged on behalf of his leader that if there is a hung parliament there would be ballot of Lib Dem members to decide who to support. He also seemed to support regional development agencies - quite right too, but pretty sure they are up for the axe in the Lib Dem manifesto.
Off out of town again tomorrow.

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