Monday, 26 April 2010

Jack and Jeremy

Chap from the Tory party blogged something about a pic of Jack speaking to an empty street in Wolverhampton last week. It was a terrific picture - indeed you'll find it on this blog - from the Express and Star. Thing was, behind the camera there were about 200 people listening.

The point of Jack's soapbox is that it doesn't matter how many people are there when we set up. In Coalville the other day there was almost no-one around. But once Jack gets going, a crowd gathers. Fifty or so in Coalville, around 400 in Leicester and many more in between. During the course of an hour, probably around 600 people stopped to listen during that brilliant Leicester event.

Thing is, it's not staged in any way at all. It's authentic street politics. We don't put Labour stooges in the audience (apart from me, obviously). The box is a box, the PA is an ancient battery operated relic of the 1980s and the stand to prop it up on is sometimes my suitcase.

Here are some new pics from the tour, from Watford last week where Jeremy Clarkson turned up to listen (see pic above right) with AA Gill, though I failed to get a picture of Mr Gill and his tremendous hat. Not sure what they were doing there, though the shopping in Watford is obviously superb.

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