Friday, 16 April 2010

Wolverhampton, Reading, Leicester...Soapbox Tour 2010

Prepare to see more sights like this during the campaign. This is in Wolverhampton on Tuesday April 13. Great event, and we got a tan as well (you can see footage on YouTube courtesy of the Express and Star)

The Straw soapbox works like this: no advance publicity (we tell journalists we are coming, but just a venue and with very little notice). Jack arrives with his soapbox - he's had it 20 years or so - and an ancient battery-operated PA system (more like a giant tape recorder). You see us setting up on another YouTube clip here (including earnest discussions about what to use as a stand for the PA - we opted for my suitcase).

No fancy backdrops, no sidekicks carefully placed in the crowd.

He gets on the box, and starts talking. Doesn't matter if there are five people there, or five hundred. He'll speak for a bit, and then take questions. And nothing is off limits.

So far we've been in Reading (good video here), Wolverhampton, Coventry, Coalville and Leicester. The tour continues next week. But obviously we're not going to say where.

Jack has been doing this for decades in Blackburn. It's raw, authentic politics. And with a blog and a twitter feed too (@markdavies67).

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